Ricky Carmichael's New Challenge

If you have paid attention at all over the years you no doubt are aware that Ricky Carmichael is among the most successful ever on two wheels. What you may not know is that now Carmichael is trading up from two to four.

Ricky Carmichael is the most successful AMA Motocross / Supercross rider of all time. He holds the all-time record for wins and championships and has never lost an outdoor competition, so in the prime of his career, why would he give it up?

For guy who loves a challenge there was none bigger than adding two wheels and moving to the most competitive racing circuit on the planet NASCAR with GINN racing

Ricky Carmichael said, "It’s something new for me. The biggest thing is having patience, that is the hardest thing. I have the skills to turn fast laps, but I have to put in the time."

Carmichael is not going into this blind. His mentor is a guy you have heard of.

Ricky said, "Having Mark Martin as a mentor is phenomenal. He always knows what to say and it makes sense."

At 28 years old Carmichael is late getting into the stock car game. Still, he is a sure bet for success, no matter the level he attains he will always be grateful for where he came from.

Ricky said, "That sport made me what I am. It’s given me a great life and I am very thankful for it."