Antonio Cromartie Returns to Lincoln High

Imagine the life of Antonio Cromartie, sitting out his entire junior season at FSU after tearing his ACL, then entering the NFL draft, becoming a first round pick and going to one of the best teams in the NFL.

Life is definitely good for ‘Cro, but the homegrown talent didn't just take the money and run. Nope, he's back in town for a big celebrity weekend.

Of course he's using his celebrity the right way. Cromartie and some of his football friends like Ernie Sims ran a youth football clinic this morning over a Lincoln High School.

San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie said. "I'm always excited when I come back home, but now it's really getting exciting because now I can make football count for the younger guys, for the younger kids, so my biggest thing is to give back to the community the best way I can. That's my biggest thing and right now we're out here having fun."