Thomasville High Girls Soccer: A Diverse Group

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THOMASVILLE---The Thomasville Girls soccer team has defined success. No other team has been on their level, en route to 5 straight area championships.

"We're getting some consistency in the program, and the girls are working hard. Now that we got some tradition, we've got some standards that we need to play up to and it gives us some goals," says Head Coach Martha Murray.

What makes this soccer team, isn't that they are scoring goals. Rather than the wins, the identity of this team is made up of...

"The diversity, having freshman, having seniors... and seeing each other as one big team, and playing soccer together," commented senior Alicia Meng.

"To come out here and to play as a team and as a whole, and to build not only a soccer team, but to build a family," adds senior Ashley Jordan.

"This team has more of a diverse group. We've got some players who were new to soccer last year who are starting now on the Varsity. We've got ninth graders who have stepped up. Our juniors and seniors are being great leaders. It's really about everybody doing their jobs," concludes coach Murray.

And at the end of the day, the sweat, smiles, and fun has led to a payday of wins.