Coach Tyrone Kellogg Moving On

THOMASVILLE, GA----Over the last few seasons, the Thomasville High Basketball program had become a powerhouse in class-2 ball. Head coach Tyrone Kellogg became a local celebrity and the fans packed the home games, and even traveled well to rival schools such as Cairo.
Then why would a man who's making a scene for a basketball team in a football-dominated area, move on to another school. Even more bizarre is the fact that he will take on a role as an assistant coach.
The answer lies beneath the surface. Coach Kellogg isn't just about wins and losses on the hardwood. He wants to coach people in life. The opportunity to be an assistant principal at Randolph Clay was too much to pass up, even if it meant a bit of a demotion in basketball. Of course, Randolph Clay does have a great program, and with Head coach Joe Williams, you can expect Coach Kellogg to continue his tradition of winning. As a coach and with the Randolph Clay administration.