Antonio Cromartie Returns and Talks Football

Before Chuck Amato returned to FSU, before Lawrence Dawsey, Dexter Carter joined the coaching staff, even before Trickett and Jimbo greeted the garnet & gold for the first time, there were many evaluations about a (7-6) season that fell short of expectations. One that held more weight was homegrown Antonio Cromartie.

September 2006, Cromartie said, "Everybody sees it, they even making a website about it. Everybody knows what it is, so I'm not gonna put it all out there. They know what the problem is and it needs to get done."

But now that five new coaches are in place, Cromartie's excitement about the program has been restored.

San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie said, "It's a good change, especially at FSU. Guys that come in and want to win, they know the tradition and how to get it done, so change is always good. Change might be for the best, so I'm looking forward to this season."

This past weekend the San Diego Charger was giving back to his community, but he's planning on getting back and fitting in with his own new coach out west.

Cromartie said, "We got Norv Turner as our new head coach, so he brings more aggressiveness and attitude. Definitely looking forward to this year."

And you know he's already penciled in the week 15 match-up against his good buddy Ernie Sims.

Cromartie said, "We gotta play them this year, so we gonna be talking trash to each other. I'll be calling him a lot this season."