Inside the Game With Tony Thomas Jr.

Hi, I'm Tony Thomas Jr. second baseman for the Florida State Seminoles and today I'm going to teach you what to look for and how to steal second base.

The main thing you want to do is get your standard 2 step lead. Take 1-2-3 and then you're going to get an extended shuffle and this is your basic lead. From here you can either steal a base or get back easily.

The main thing I look for is the pitchers front heel. Once he moves his front foot he has to go to the plate, if he moves his back foot he's probably going to come to first base so you're keying his front foot, you see his front foot move what you want to do , you want to cross-over hard with your left foot and throw your left arm towards your target so you can throw it like that and you want to keep your head straight on the target, head down, good running posture position.

I highly recommend the pop-up slide and the pop-up slide is to give the umpire an illusion that you're there before you actually reach the base so as soon as you get this close to the base you want to push up off the ground off your hand and pop-up. That way you give the umpire an illusion that you're there before the tag so you're actually popping up before you actually reach the base.

If it's a very close play and the guy's blocking the base and a pop-up slide's not going to be that effective I recommend the head first hook slide and you're going to come into second base and reach with your left hand to the outside part of the bag and you're going to dive and you're going to reach like this and when you dive you want to have a very stiff arm because if you don't when you dive you'll start to give with your arm and you'll reach the base slower than you actually would if you had a stiff arm.

And when you get to second base just slide and be safe.