NASCAR Circuit Says, "Hello Talladega!"

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TALLADEGA---It's not all about Ricky Bobby. Talladega is big enough for all drivers to have their own personal memories. Even NASCAR rookie Juan Pablo Montoya.

"I did my first stock car race there in the ARCA last year, and it wasn't so bad. You just have to be patient and take your time and work with people and see where you are," cites Montoya.

Of course, the most memories are with the Earnhardt family. With the intimidator's birthday coming around Talladega weekend each year, Junior can't help but think of his pops.

"The fans in Talladega, and there's a lot of people in Alabama that are big Earnhardt fans of my father and myself, together and both separately, but anytime I can get down there and just lead a lap, that's all that matters to me. I just like putting it up front and getting the fans excited because we have a lot of fans at the racetrack," states Earnhardt Junior.

The rookies and veterans, fans and drivers alike, any race at Talladega carries a special significance.