Apalachicola's Mackenzie Williams More than Just a Basketball Player

Mackenzie Williams is used to giving on the basketball court, so it's no surprise that he gives back just as much off it.
Mackenzie Williams said, "Responsibility, understanding, happiness, appreciation."
Williams has volunteered at the Franklin County Boys and Girls Club for two years and this year was voted Youth of the Year for the Big Bend.
Williams said, "To come from such a small town that's really not recognized for anything it's such a big impact and my community and my family is really pushing behind me."
Because of Williams platform as an athlete he's looked up to by local kids, and williams makes sure those kids don't just see him on the court.
Williams said, "Because I played basketball when they're in the gym they'll be like I'm Mackenzie Williams and even in the classroom I want to be like Mackenzie Williams just for the simple fact of staying in school and getting good grades as a young 18 year old male."
Williams competes this weekend with students from the state of Florida for the right to become Youth of the Year for the Sunshine State. Win or lose, Williams is already victorious because he's figured out that basketball is not what defines him.
Williams said, "I am responsibility, I am understanding, I am happiness, I am appreciation. Thanks to the Boys and Girls Club I'm all of these things and more. I am a better man."