Syrupmaker Soccer Star Casey Ponder

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Casey ponder is a Cairo girl getting it done on the soccer field. She started playing at the age of four, now she is one of the best players in the region. "The fun part is being able to interact with the other team. I know it's pretty bad but I just like talking to them and having a good time and then putting the passes through with other people. I like to make plays."

Casey is the standout leader on the Syrupmakers squad. That's something her coaches and teammates appreciate. Barbara Godwin is the soccer coach at Cairo High. "Casey brings a lot to our team. She's a team leader. She works very hard. She sets very good examples for the other players, and she steps up her game and it makes them bring their game up to her level."

Emily Oliver is Casey's teammate. "She's a good teammate because she brings a lot of positive influence to the game and she's always telling the other teammates to keep their heads up and keep going. Her work ethic inspires others to do just as well as her."

Casey is only a junior and she's already catching the eye of college coaches. Casey Ponder says, "I've talked to Thomas University, but I'm interested in that one because it's a great school, but my dream school would be Florida State or Florida."

For now Casey continues to master her craft, while helping her team meet success on the playing field.