Former 'Nole Coach Finds Home on the Range

As a coach at Florida State, Jim Gladden produced champion teams and blue chip athletes. Since his retirement from football he has found a new passion where similar results are wanted.

Welcome to Oak Grove where Jim Gladden and his wife Patty produce champion Texas longhorns.

Jim said, "I wanted something different."

The longhorns started as a hobby, but quickly turned into much more.

"This is something that gives patty and I an equal pleasure"

Patty said, "I love having him have something to do everyday."

These animals have become a part of the Gladden family herd, each one named and known for its intricacies.

"When it came time to sell it’s like sending your kids off to college."

Long since giving up the hustle and bustle of big time college football, Gladden has found peace with his new team.

"It’s just nature, you know. It’s unbelievable," he said.