Seeking Employment? The 2007 NFL Draft

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TALLAHASSEE - You might recall the excitement last year when Tallahassee natives Antonio Cromartie and Ernie Sims were two of a handful of Noles to be drafted.

This year we don't have the flurry of first round picks, but there is the usual crowd of players who played their last few years in the area who are NFL-bound.

As for their names: FAMU has star receiver Roosevelt Kiser, but it's the big fella Dan Parrish who will almost certainly be drafted.

In Valdosta, we hold our breath for Skyler Thornton, a running back for VSU hoping to make it to the next level.

The Noles are highlighted by Lorenzo Booker, Buster Davis, and Lawrence Timmons, while Chris Davis and Mario Henderson and others will likely get picked.