VSU's Thomas Says Good-bye to Home Crowd

Tommy Thomas said, "I am most certainly one of the luckiest men on the face of the earth."

More than 1,300 wins, a National Championship, all part of 40 years of coaching for Valdosta State's Tommy Thomas.

Thomas said, "When you're young you don't even think about those things. You know you've got a job, you know you're doing what you like to do, you're trying to win, and it was very, very gratifying."

Thomas said good bye to the home fans this weekend as he coaches his final few games before retiring. With former players, state and local representatives all on hand to pay their respects, one member of the crowd stood out more than the rest, Thomas's 91 year father Fred.

Fred Thomas said, "I'm the proudest dad in the United States today. Some men take after their fathers coming up, in my case I'm trying to take after him. He's not only a good man in sports, he is a good citizen of the United States."

Thomas said, "I am very blessed whether or not he's just my best baseball fan and supporter, he's my best friend."

And if Thomas's father is any indication, he's still got plenty of time to enjoy retirement.