NFC Lady Eagles Earn Redemption

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TALLAHASSEE---It's a tale of redemption, and not giving up. Last year the Lady Eagles season ended with a loss to Bishop Kenny. It wouldn't happen again, at least not in 2007.

"After pulling my heart out of my shoes, it was a great feeling. The accomplishment of these girls who worked so hard to get out here and play so well against a quality opponent, the defending 2-A state champs. It was a great feeling. Really happy for them and really happy they got to experience that," cited head coach Matthew Ray.

"Last year they beat us out in the regional final game, it was really exciting to beat them this year... This year against Mayo, I think we have a pretty good shot," adds Amanda Vickers.

So what separates the updated '07 version compared to last year's Eagles? An extra year of experience, and a couple of bus rides early in the season.

"I think this team really gets along with each other. They took a couple of trips early in the season to simulate playoff travel. They really bonded, they jelled together. They're just pulling it all together, all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together now in the playoffs," comments Coach Ray.

"We've come together as a team. We all get along, we don't have problems on the team, and it's just fun to come out and play with all of our friends," states Vickers.

Like a prize-fighter getting in some early blows. The Lady Eagles are happy to advance to the next round. However, they hope to play until there's no one else standing.