Travis Walker: Homegrown Heavyweight Part 1

Travis Walker is a hometown heaveyweight and has the title to prove it... in part one of a two part series Elton Gumel introduces us to the Capital City's newest champ

Intimidation?... Overflowing. His presence?... Dancing, all around the room... Constantly jabbing and uppercutting an invisible opponent. But he's not crazy. Oh, no, he's the Champ.

"The Champ is here."

"I'm Travis Walker, 6-foot-5, 235 pounds... The IBA Heavyweight Champ."

While the introduction may be necessary, exaggeration is not. At 6'5'', Travis the Freight Train Walker won an April 6th pay-per-view fight against George Garcia, and returned to the Capital City with the IBA America Championship Belt.

"I've been going through it in my mind ever since... It feels great man, especially to bring it back to Tallahassee man... I've made history, the first belt ever. Everbody's loving me and treating me real good."

And at 23-0-1, it's a love affair that's reaching rockstar status at a rapid pace... Walker's only been boxing for 6 years, 2 and 1/2 professionally.

Travis Walker says
"I'm moving faster than most boxers ever in the business. I got this belt in little over 2&1/2 years. It's a lot of guys that take 10 years to be where I'm at now... And this is the first of many so I see a big future for me."

And the belt has already brought around challengers... Evander Holyfield wants a piece of Travis Walker now... But before the Champ lets Holyfield challenge for the belt, he's challenging the 44-year-old heavyweight to sweeten the payday. As it stands, a potential million dollar fight, would only swing $75,000 to Walker-- and he's the one with the Title.

Walker says
"It's something to think about, but I want him to stop treating me like a nobody and make it worth something... If he makes it worth something, I'll take the fight."