Travis Walker: Homegrown Heavyweight Part 2

As the reigning IBA America Heavyweight Champ continues to train for his next prizefight, he may be hard pressed to find a true Heavyweight...

"The Heavyweight Division is crazy because there's no Heavyweights... They don't fight like Heavyweights no more... Heavyweight boxing is supposed to be power shots, big punches, basically big man on campus-like.

"I actually knocked a dude out once for about 5 minutes... That was one of the prettiest knockouts I've ever seen... And that's what I want to bring, I wanna bring that kind of power to Heavyweight Boxing."

One thing that's evident in Travis Walker, is his dedication.

Walker Says
"I sit around the house and think, my opponent might be doing some situps or something, so I do situps and push-ups... not gonna just do situps... If my trainer tells me to do 10 rounds on the ropes, I'm gonna do 12 rounds... I'm never gonna stop at just enough."

And to think, this thirst for boxing had been ignored for most of his life.

Walker Says
"I actually thought I was gonna play football for my career. I went to Rickards High School and my trainer Alonzo Johnson was the dean there..."

Trainer, Tigers Boxing Gym, Alonzo Johnson
"Travis was a champ before he won the belt... From the first day, he came in the gym, he had a championship attitude, work ethic, and he pushed it all the time... It means alot to the kids in the community and means alot to Travis and his family."

Walker says
"I tried boxing and fell in love with it and this is what it is!... This is for me. He always saw it but I didn't see it.'

And at 27 years old, this Heavyweight has more than just the 82-inch reach that's written on his profile... The Champ is making sure his reach extends from his hometown of Miccosukee, to the entire boxing nation.

Travis Walker Concludes
"If nobody believes in you, you believe in yourself and make them believe in you... Prove it to yourself to prove to them."