NASCAR: Prepping for Richmond

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It's been a wild ride to the 2007 Nextel Cup thus far. Tony Stewart looked sharp early in the season, the Jimmie Johnson got in a groove, before Jeff Gordon took over. To decipher between the winners and losers, Hendrick Motorsports is in the right category.

"I do think that Hendrick's done an amazing job getting off to the right start, but if I look around, Gibbs has been awfully I think all of the teams are figuring this thing out," cites Hendrick's own Jimmie Johnson.

While Dale Earnhardt Junior certainly wins the battle of fan support, his team has struggled to adapt to the car of tomorrow.

"We're going to be struggling with the handle of the car. Hopefully, we got something that works pretty good, but we struggled pretty bad at Phoenix," says Dale Earnhardt Junior.

For those struggling this season, it is still not too late to turn things around.

"We really struggled at the test there, but hopefully, we'll have some new ideas and some new things to try by the time we go back and give it a shot. We always seem to run pretty well at Richmond, but it could be a good turning point for us this year," says the struggling Kasey Khane.

Of course, the way that Jeff Gordon has been driving, this could all be a race for second place.