Inside the Game with Joe Vallese

Joe Valles said, "Find a way baby, find a way!"
"Hey good pitch, but not what you want 0-0 here we go babe."
"Beat it out, beat it out, Hey that's the way you hustle down the line, that's the way you hustle down the line. Hey, good things happen when you put the ball on the ground."
"Petey I've got a courtesy for the pitcher again, same one, number 15."
"Hey no outs ground ball moving, freeze on line drives."
"Geeze, God. "Hey what happened to that bunt sign."
"Another step, that a boy, come on come on come on you're scoring, you're scoring, you're scoring. Looking 3, looking 3, looking 3, right there, right there, right there."
"Go go go go, score, score, score, come on, come on, up up up up up up up."
"Way to hit it hard on the ground, way to hit it hard on the ground."
"Beat it out, beat it out, beat it out. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Right here right here, right here. There you go, second baseman's got it. Nice job way to be looking 3 the whole way."
"Alright here we go."
Umpire said, "I am here for you, for your service."
Vallese said, "Nah, that's not true, we're here for everybody. How'd you like that one?"
Umpire said, "That's beautiful."
Vallese said, "That was good yeah, I've been working on it."