NCAA Moves 3 Pt. Line Back

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ Two decades after college basketball added
the three-point line, the N-C-A-A men's rules committee has
approved a measure that will move the line back one foot from its
current distance of 19 feet, nine inches. If approved by the
playing rules oversight committee on May 25th, it would mark the
first major change to three-pointers since their adoption.
But the change to 20 feet, nine inches would not take place
until November 2008.
The rules committee chairman says two proposals were considered.
The other would have moved the line to 20 feet, six inches. That's
the same distance as international three-pointers. Both are shorter
than the N-B-A line, which ranges from 23 feet, nine inches at the
top of the key to 22 feet at its nearest point in the baseline
The women's basketball rules committee did not adopt the change
and will keep the three-point line at 19 feet, nine inches.