Former Dawg Pollack Hopeful for Return

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) _ Cincinnati Bengals linebacker David
Pollack says he remains hopeful that he can return to the playing
field after recovering from a neck injury.
The former University of Georgia star said -- quote --
``Absolutely that's what I want. If I get cleared to play football,
I'm going to play football.''
He remarked while signing autographs after a sports banquet in
Middletown, Ohio, last night.
Pollack added -- quote -- ``There is no Plan B. It's all Plan A
right now. If I get detoured from Plan A, then I'll start thinking
about something else.''
The 24-year-old Pollack cracked a neck bone while making a
tackle on Cleveland's Reuben Droughns during the second game of the
2006 season. He was put in a protective halo brace that immobilized
the neck, then underwent surgery on January third.

Pollack said he is now exercising five to six hours a day.
He said -- quote -- ``I know there are plenty of other things to
do out there. But I'm a football player. And I want to play