FSU Baseball On the Road Again

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TALLAHASSEE---It's officially the weekend, hope you made your plans. The Seminoles layed out their baseball schedule months ago, now it's all about execution.
Last week they headed south, this time they head north. To College Park, Maryland where the Noles have dominated for years.
I define domination by their 48-3 overall record against the Terps, including 27-straight.
This is common for a north-south rivalry. Baseball talent usually flocks to the south where the grass is always green (despite the recent issues at Mike Martin Field).
On that note, it's time for Mike Martin to give one of those speeches about them being a worthy opponent and not to be underestimated.

Coach Mike Martin says, "Maryland is a team that's capable of beating you all 3 ball games especially on the road. They're also still in the hunt to get in the conference tournament, a lot of things could happen, we have to be ready to go when we play them."