The Biggest Racing Event Ever?

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VALDOSTA, GA---- If you call our good friends at the South Georgia MotorSports Park, they will tell you that this weekend's Drag Racing is the biggest racing event in Georgia history.

It is hard to believe this, considering NASCAR along with nearly 100,000 fans have visited Atlanta on several occasions.

This means either the park in Cecil, Georgia has the best marketing department in the nation. Or, they are simply accentuating how cool this weekend's drag racing events will be.

Looking at the video of rceent drag racing events, I will assume the latter. There should be a pretty good show in the area Friday and Saturday.

"2007 mustangs, 1941 Willetts Coupes, a variety of different things, but those cars will accelerate to 200 mph, from this area, 600 feet, 0-200 in just over 3 seconds," says Kenny Nowling, President of ADRL.