WhatsAMatterU Predicted to Win Kentucky Derby

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Not since DoesItBehooveU dominated the horse racing world in the 1840s, has a horse won such acclaim before even stepping onto a track.

The fashionable pick by the experts in the 2007 Kentucky Derby has been WhatsAmatteru. The 3-year old Philly has never won a race and just two months ago was used as a tour horse in New York City's Central Park.

The Philly's speed attracted attention when the philly tracked down a robber on a busy Sunday morning. After the NYC Mayor Bloomberg honored the horse by retiring her to a more tranquil life in eastern Long Island, WhatsamatterU began galloping recreationally with deers and rabbits.

Soon the lightning-quick speed garnered the attention of neighbors who tried racing their cars against the philly. It is believed that the philly even outran a Ford Mustang.

We will find out if the horse can live up to expectations come Saturday.