Peanuts Building A Fan-Base

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While the Seminoles are plenty established as a staple for baseball in the area, the South Georgia Peanuts are trying to create their own fan base.
The team opening shop in Albany, Georgia has been very community friendly.
This past weekend they had open tryouts. About 40 players showed up, 3 of them have earned contracts to be on the Peanuts roster.
Then tomorrow, the Peanuts host a meet and greet for the fans. Personally, I can't wait to introduce my manager... who happens to be Wally Backman, the starting second baseman for the 1986 Championship New York Mets.
He plans to teach his winning ways to some local ballplayers

Backman explains, "The truth of the matter is that we're here to stay. The organization, we're trying to put 6 more teams, try to surround the Atlanta area. The goal is to try to move these players forward."