The Rocket Prepares to Launch in the Bronx

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NEW YORK----If you want to hear nothing but Red Sox-Yankees hype, you can put on that cable sports station. Locally, we cut out the none-sense and focus on true sports news. And today, our worlds collide.

The story out of the Big Apple is a goodie. Roger Clemens, the greatest pitcher of the last 50 years, announced to the New York crowd during Sunday's 7th inning stretch that he will be donning the pinstripes this year.

This is huge news to the baseball world, as the man with 348 career wins and is turning 45 in August, is still one of the top 5 pitchers currently playing.

Clemens explains his decision to return a Yankee, "My family pretty much signed off on this. They had seen the many phone calls and emails, also from my teammates here, former teammates here, which I have a few of, and looking forward to meeting these new guys."