Dougherty Invited to Try-out with AFL

Ben Dougherty has been the great stable face of the Tallahassee Titans rocky first season in the American Indoor Football League. He's easily one of the AIFL's leading passers and has helped the Titans improve to a (9-2) record this season.

Apparently, like fellow Titans standout Rod Miller, Dougherty has turned some heads of the American Football League. The AFL's Tampa Bay Storm contacted the Capital City signal-caller and have invited Dougherty to Tampa for a 2-day workout session. There is nothing set in stone and Dougherty was unaware of how serious the Storm were in signing the former FAMU Quarterback.

Coach Tim Marcum of the Storm happens to be the winningest coach in AFL history with 158 career victories and 7 Arena Bowl Championships. Dougherty seems just to be thankful for the recognition and the opportunity to showcase his skills at a more lucrative level.

"Coach Marcum who is the winningest coach in AFL history called me up last week and invited me up for a 2-day tryout with the Tampa Bay Storm... It's an honor to get that call... he didn't say they were gonna sign me, he didn't say what their plans were with me. Hopefully I can go perform well and we'll see what happens," said Dougherty.

While Dougherty is torn between his love for the Tallahassee Titans and the bonds that he's formed with the team and coaching staff, he is optimistic of a full-time situation where he can focus strictly on football and still provide for his wife and baby girl.

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