Ben Dougherty, Headed to AFL?

You would be hard pressed to find a more well-liked athlete in this area than Tallahassee Titans quarterback Ben Dougherty... How a kid from Washington became a beloved FAMUAN and the face of a start-up arena football team is quite the story... Add in a few pages of stats from this season and the tale gets even better... As Elton Gumbel explains, there could be quite the happy ending.

The Tallahassee Titans are treading through their financial troubles and managing to stay afloat with outstanding performances on the football field... Currently, the franchise ranks second in the American Indoor Football League in total passing with 142 completions for 2,071 yards and 49 touchdowns... The Titans are also first in Red Zone Defense, first in 4th Down Conversions, and second in total offense with 64 touchdowns and an average of 6.8 yards per play.

"I'm really enjoying playing with the Titans... We are (9-2) now and it's a lot of fun to win ballgames," said Tallahassee Titans quaterback Ben Dougherty.

It's probably also a lot of fun to lead the league in passing... Dougherty has that top spot right now, completing 138 passes for 2,044 yards and 49 touchdowns-- a guarantee of 255 yards and 4 touchdowns every game. And those blazing numbers have caught the eyes of the Tampa Bay Storm. One of the AFL's elite teams have invited the Titans QB for a private workout.

Dougherty Says
"It's similar to what Rod Miller had a couple weeks back with the Orlando Predators... It's just a matter of going out and being smart with the football while I'm down there... That's what they want to see, They want QBs to make smart decisions and hopefully I'll go down there and do that... It would be nice to just play football and support my family and this could be that opportunity."

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