Peanuts and Crackerjacks, Baseball is Back

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ALBANY, GA----There was once a period when baseball was as common as taking a walk to the local general store. This was life back in the mid-twentieth century, when the cars were American and sandlots spotted with bases.
About 50 years later, the sports world has evolved. These days football is king, and why walk to the store when you can take a car? Or better yet, order your products on the Internet.
Yet some still crave for the crack of the bat, the tatter of cleats on the sand, and smell of leather on your hand.
Just like that, baseball is back to the fields of South Georgia.
"Albany Georgia was one of the first markets we visited as a league back in June of 2005, and then it ended up being the third market I believe that signed," says VP of South Coast League Operations Omar Roque.
"It's been just a crazy experience starting from ground zero. I mean, you come in here and there is some equipment in the ballpark, when it comes to concessions, but really, it's a clean slate," adds Peanuts GM Keith Michlig.
"Right now we do a little bit of everything. Everything from making phone calls to group sales and so forth in addition to writing press releases," states Peanuts Media Relations Chief Matt Pauly.
Omar, Matt, Keith make up the Peanuts front office, but in reality, their labor comes behind the scenes. After naming former World Series Champion Wally Backman manager, the next task is fielding a team.
Aspiring South Georgia Peanut, Floyd Patterson explains, "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, I don't want to be 28 years old regretting that I didn't try out. So I'm trying to fulfill a dream."
Albany State baseball player DeMario Cash adds, "It's a great opportunity for the young players to get a chance to play independent ball, and it's great to have it in this city."
Cuts are made, a team selected. The Peanuts are built, but will they come?

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