Motocross Star in the Making

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Joseph Santos is showing some major speed and skills on the motocross tracks in Cairo, Georgia which is the motocross capital of the world. Sounds impressive, but even more impressive is that he's only seven. "When I first rode I had a very hard time. It was really sandy and there was a lot of kids. I was really nervous."

But now Joseph is holding it down on the track. He wins nearly every race he competes in, proving that his nerves can be overcome. But dad, Jason Santos, still gets a little worried when his son hits the course. "When he tries something new like a new jump, or when he has a crash you get nervous, but they love it so you wouldn't ever think of taking it away from him."

What's more inspiring than his performance on the track is Joseph's confidence. "When you go out there and you keep on the gas, you aren't going to have a hard time. You're going to be just fine."

Now the motocross racer from Camilla, Georgia is working towards a goal that his dad hopes he can accomplish. "His goal next year is to maybe try to qualify for the Loretta Lynn's which is the prestige race to try and get him noticed.

But the first grader has bigger things on his mind. "I want to be able to go pro." Maybe this little giant could be the next Ricky Carmichael."

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