South Coast League: A League of its Own

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Recent ventures for Minor League baseball in Albany, Georgia have failed, and the Peanuts front office has worked diligently to learn from their mistakes. Their primary goal is to put a good product onto the field.

Keith Michlig is the Peanuts General Manager and said, "We want to keep the integrity and the quality of the baseball at a high A or AA level. The good news is you can go out and find a Kyle Keen, someone that's just down the road in Leesburg that played at Georgia."

Kyle Keen, a Peanuts player, said, "I think we've got a really good talent pool. It all starts in little league. We have a really great little league system."

League officials hope they can help Peanut's like Kyle Keen take it to the next level. Omar Roque is the Vice President of League Operations.

"Our goal is to move our players on to affiliate ball and on to the big leagues so that we get a reputation among players as a league that's really trying to move our guys on."

Wally Backman says the South Georgia Peanuts are equipped with all of the right tools to help the Peanuts reach their dreams.

"The one thing we do different than the other independent ball clubs is we actually tape our players. We have a radar gun, we have all the right mechanisms to send this stuff to organizations so they can actually come and see the players they want to see."

Overall there are six teams in the league; however, the future is ripe with plans for expansion and growth.

Roque said, "We're in the process of visiting future sites for expansion and continuing to try and work and grow the league."

On a field of dreams, players look to reach the next level, and the league looks to create a stable fan base. As for that scrappy manager, redemption is on his mind.

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