Braves Sale Complete

NEW YORK (AP) _ Hank Aaron will take on an increased role with
the Atlanta Braves following the team's sale from Time Warner to
Liberty Media Corporation.
The deal was unanimously approved by baseball owners at a
special meeting to beat a midnight change in tax laws.
Braves chairman Terry McGuirk (mih-GIRK') says the deal values
the franchise at 450 (m) million dollars.
Baseball commissioner Bud Selig (SEE'-lihg) says ``Hank Aaron is
going to be a critical part of all this,'' but would not say what
Aaron's increased responsibilities with the Braves would be.
Aaron has worked in the Braves front office since setting the
all-time home run record and retiring as a player. He became a
senior vice president in 1989 and is currently on the club's board
of directors.

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