Meet the Peanuts: A WCTV Special Series

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The South Georgia Peanuts might not be household names yet. Not yet, but they offer plenty of personality and passion to win over the fans. It’s time to meet the Peanuts.

A former Arizona Diamondbacks prospect, and a Georgia Bulldogs alumnus. Starting in the outfield, Mr. Hip Hop himself, Doc Brooks.
- Brooks showcases his ability to rap.

Next, a good ole country boy. A former Minor Leaguer on his way to Mexico before the Peanuts signed him, pitcher and coach: Jason Blanton.
- Blanton signs some country music.

Next, Mr. Smooth. Released out of spring training by the Texas Rangers, a man with a smile planted on his face. The ladies man, Johnny Washington.

Reporter asks, “What is your favorite color?”
“My favorite color is red. I’m a red kind of guy. Love red, especially love. I’m a loving type of person,” says Washington.

He was a member of the 2005 Florida Gators World Series club. He plays the hot corner and is hungry for some action on the diamond. Mr. Daniel Brooks.

Reporter asks, “What’s your favorite thing to chow down on after you have a hard day of practice here?”
“I like a big sirloin. A really big sirloin, medium rare," says Brooks.

These are your South Georgia Peanuts, and come Thursday, May 24th at 7:10 PM, you can meet them in person at Paul Eames Stadium.

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