Super 6: A Look Back


Starting this Sunday night the Eyewitness Sports department will begin unveiling out 2007 Super 6 list. In the 7 years we have done this we have stumbled on some pretty amazing talents. Here is a look down memory lane in this week’s “Did You Know?”

Did you know…

That in 2001 we had a future Dallas Cowboy in Lincolns Pat Watkins?

Pat Watkins said, "If that is what you are going to rank me. I just have to live up to it."

A future national champion at LSU in Godby's Brian Johnson?

Brian Johnson said, "It’s pretty exciting. I just have to take my time."

And a future Seminole quarterback in Wyatt Sexton?

Wyatt Sexton said, "I have been working hard on my arm strength to get it stronger."

That year we also had the only junior to ever make the list. He was good enough to make at as senior as well.

Ernie Sims said, "I like to score touchdowns and hit."

The Detroit Lions thought enough of him to make him a number one draft pick in 2006. '02 was out most decorated list. Joining Sims was fellow first round draft pick, Lincoln's Antonio Cromartie

Antonio Cromartie said, "I just have to be a team leader."

In '04 we ventured to Madison for a future Nole linebacker that was already making noise on boot hill.

Geno Hayes said, "If they come across me they know what is coming to them."

The scary thing is the 2007 list will likely be our strongest class ever. Tune in Sunday night when unveil the first name on the list.

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