Burton's Logo Changes Faster than Pit-Stop

CONCORD, N.C. (AP) _ It didn't take long for Richard Childress
Racing to slap A-T-And-T logos on Jeff Burton's car.
Hours after a federal judge again refused NASCAR's request for a
stay, the R-C-R team had a large A-T-And-T logo on the front and
side of the Number 31 car in the garage before today's Nextel
All-Star Challenge. The team's pit crew members also sported
A-T-And-T logos on the front and back of their firesuits.
Childress said -- quote -- ``I'm really happy for A-T-And-T that
we're able to rebrand our car to A-T-And-T and get back to really
trying to win this championship. We're really excited about the new
look for the car.''
U-S District Judge Marvin Shoob in Atlanta issued a preliminary
injunction yesterdat barring NASCAR from stopping A-T-And-T from
placing its logo on the car. NASCAR filed an emergency appeal, but
Shoob again denied NASCAR's request today. NASCAR then went to the
Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which also refused to grant a
NASCAR claims its deal with Sprint Nextel to sponsor the top
racing series prevents A-T-And-T from sponsoring a race team.
Cingular's sponsorship deal Burton's team was grandfathered in when
Sprint Nextel became the title sponsor, but Cingular was later
bought by A-T-And-T.

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