Little League Giants Hit the Field in Miccosukee

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These little league players hit the field ready to play ball. Don't let their ages fool you because these youngsters already know why they love the game.

Ridge Morris is a seven year old on the Miccosukee little league team. "I like playing baseball a lot because just the rush of a hit, the excitement of an out, and it's just hard to believe I can actually play this great sport."

Will Watson also enjoys being out on the field. "You can be different places on the field and it's just so much fun playing baseball."

The game may be fun for the little giants, but their has been one thing bothering the kids. They didn't have a field to play on in Miccosukee, but now thanks to Leon County officials and volunteers the team can hit the field in their home town.

Haley Helms is one of the girls playing ball in Miccosukee. "It's fun because where we used to play it was really far away and now where we play it's not really far away."

Now that the Miccosukee baseball club has a place to take the field there are other things to focus on. Sid Wester is an eight year old on the team. "I'm just paying attention to how I hit the ball and dad says just make a base hit."

And now thanks to a refurbished field, these little league players can focus on winning games, especially at home.

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