SUPER 6: Richard Watson

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He's a part of the Orange and Green machine, a state champ who helped

"We had a bunch of losses together, now we won the State Championship together, so it's good to be a part of the rebuilding process," said Super 6 Running back Richard Watson.

We focus on the numbers, the 36 touchdowns with over 2000 yards in '06, but what about the victims.

"It's a good feeling when a guy gets in front of you, to take you down, and you pretty much keep on going, it makes you feel good about yourself," said Watson.

The beneficiaries are the Orange and Green as Coach Ira Reynolds puts it, Richard Watson is a coach's dream.

"Great athlete, excellent speed, and size, and strength, someone who has the total package, can catch the ball as well," said Baby Rattlers Head Football Coach Ira Reynolds.

As for what lies ahead, you'd think Watson would be content with the bling, but watch out, there's still plenty of motivation.

"It would be a great feeling. Last year, I had the chance to win with both of my brothers on the team, and now it's me and my younger brother, and all my friends, I've been playing with since middle school. So we get a chance to repeat in my senior year, it's making my whole High School career even better," said the senior halfback.

A big back with speed and power, tons of numbers, and tons of victims.

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