Super 6: British Footman

the British is coming, the British is coming ... amend that ... this british has already been and now its time to conquer ... the Godby back has been a friday night staple since his freshman season ... his career stats boggle the mind ... over 2500 yards and over 30 trips to the paint ... the scary thing, the best is yet to come
"they aren't holding me back this year"
"British is an extraordinary talent and we are going to be very careful how we use him"
Footman's numbers will come in bunches next season but his primary goal is to get the Cougs some hardware
"I could run for 500 yards as long as we win state"
Footman's running style is unique ... he carries the flash and the fortitude to not be categorized ... his style is all his own and its starts with the way he sees a hole develop
British says
"my vision, I just see a whole and I am gone"
Footman is also aware of what it means to be a super 6 and he promises he won't let anyone down British says
"there were a lot of good players that came through here and they didn't all make it"
and as for that famous name ... well now it all makes sense
British says
"the name come with the game and they both great"

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