NASCAR Drivers Have A Long Trip Ahead

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If you think the drive from mile mark 200 on I-10 to Jacksonville is grueling, imagine what it's like to hit up Lowe's Motor speedway this weekend. The total mileage on the track, try 600.

"600 is about a lot of change, and it will change throughout the entire race. When it's sunny out, usually you're fighting one thing, and fighting something different later, you have to have a lot of focus," says the struggling Kasey Kahne.

"I just drive a little further... for the most part, our stuff is all certified on the engine to go 600 miles anyway, so for the most part we don't do a whole lot different," says Kevin Harvick.

Shports Talk's pick as underdog Carl Edwards tells us, the difference isn't with the pits, but the drivers.

"I don't know that they do too much differently, but I know as a driver, the biggest thing in the 600 is to remember how long it is... If your car is real bad at the beginning, just don't panic, you can come back from about anything," says Edwards.

Before you feel bad for the drivers, remember at the end they get a big paycheck. It makes the voyage to nowhere well worth it.

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