Inside the Game With Andy Enfield

Andy Enfield said, "Hi, I'm Andy Enfield assistant basketball coach at Florida State. Today I'm going to show you how to shoot a free throw and a jump shot."
"On a foul shot the most important thing is your technique, your shooting technique because that's what makes the ball go in the basket. I'm right handed so my feet are shoulder width are on the balls of my feet I take 3 dribbles, put my hands across the seams of the basketball. As I start my motion I go through this "L" position, notice that the balls on the right side of my body above my right foot. As I go into my follow-through I'm going to lock this elbow and snap my fingers and my fingers on my shooting hand should lock down towards the ground. My off hand should stay straight and not push or turn."
"The difference between a free throw and a jump shot is very simple. On the jump shot you actually jump. You release it on teh way up right before the peak of your jump. So if you look at my feet when I jump I'm going to jump up and forward that way the momentum of my body is going towards the basket and my follow-through and momentum go right to the center of the rim."
"As I move out to the 3-point line it's important to create momentum with the swinging of the arms. The further you move out the way you get power is if you use this "L" position and swing those arms so from a standing position I'm going to use my arms and legs together to create the power.
"With this shooting technique and a lot of hard work you're on your way to becoming a great shooter. Good Luck!"

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