FAMU Head Men's Basketball Coach Arrested and Charged With Stalking

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FAMU Men's Basketball Coach Mike Gillespie, Sr. said "No Comment" to questions surrounding his arrest. Gillespie is out on $1000 bond following his arrest for misdemeanor stalking Friday afternoon. Police said they arrested Gillespie at his office.

His accuser 50-year-old Kathleen Scott claimed Gillespie made unwanted visits to her job Thursday night and Friday morning. In the police affidavit Scott claimed she saw Gillespie sitting in a parked car sitting in a low row of shrubs outside her work place. She claimed to be frightened and saying Gillespie's irrational obsessive behavior was making her nervous.

"Anytime you're dealing with an incident of stalking, you have to be extremely cautious. You don't get a second chance. This was a clear case of stalking," said David McCranie, Officer, Tallahassee Police Department.

In 2004, Gillespie started an extra marital relationship with Scott. The accuser first filed a police report against Gillespie in 2005. In the report she claims she received harassing phone calls from Gillespie after breaking off the relationship.

Gillespie's attorney Tim Jansen said his client denies all allegations. TPD said Gillespie failed to give his side of the story when given the chance.

"We provided Mr. Gillespie two opportunities this morning to come forward, give us his side of the story. And he refused to cooperate and come forward with that. We were left with no alternatives but to go out and make an arrest," added McCranie.

Jansen said his client was treated unfairly and never given opportunity to explain.

"We wanted to go to the police department and give our side of the story. However my client, Coach Gillespie, was never allowed to come down there and give his version of what happened and has transpired in the last couple days," said Jansen.

The police reports revealed several claims by Scott of Gillespie making unwanted phone calls. Even telling of an event where Scott claimed Gillespie threw objects at her while she was in the shower.

FAMU released a statement saying, "We have been informed that a member of our staff, Head Men's Basketball Coach Michael Gillespie, Sr., has been arrested by the Tallahassee Police Department. Dr. Robinson, in conjunction with the Athletic Director Nelson Townsend, Chief of Police Calvin Ross and General Counsel Elizabeth McBride, will be reviewing the allegation surrounding Coach Gillespie's charges."

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