SUPER 6: T.J. Bryant

T.J. Bryant said, "It feels good, we always have a Super 6 at Lincoln. Now I have the opportunity for people to look up to me and I can do what I'm supposed to do and hopefully help people out."

T.J. Bryant's what you expect out of a Lincoln Trojan. Three year starter, five star athlete, the third ranked player in the state of Florida, a natural athlete.

Kyle Rice said, "He's a good sized kid who's got great flexibility, great quickness and good instincts."

Bryant said, "You have to get your footwork down, make sure you turn your hips do everything you can that can prepare you for the next level and hopefully prepare you for the next level after that the NFL."

Just like another Super 6 from Lincoln, Antonio Cromartie.

Bryant said, "I know that if he can do it I feel that I can do it. It's the same coaching, the same technique, and I feel I have the best ability out of anybody."

With Bryant's speed and ability, he could play any position, so why corner for this Super 6?

Bryant said, "Being a receiver when you catch a pass it's a good play, but when the defender catches a pass, you feel like you just helped your team out more, everybody gets excited and it's like a touchdown."

And a few pick sixes is just what is expected of Bryant, after all he is a Lincoln Trojan.

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