Local Residents Enjoy Outdoor Sports

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If you get tired of the everyday sports like football, baseball, and basketball, there are some other sports becoming popular in Tallahassee. One sport growing in popularity is disc golf, which is similar to hitting the links, but with a frisbee and a basket. Anthony Acain plays disc golf frequently. "It is something else to do besides playing football or baseball. I think it's a lot more fun because you can play with a group of people and you can just kind of walk and talk like golf."

While the grown ups have fun on the course, seven year old Ryan Lattner says riding his bicycle in the neighborhood is not nearly as fun as taking taking on a mountain bike course. "I ride my bike out here because it's fun. You go up a hill and down. It's fun and I like how it's bumpy."

Mountain bikes aren't the only things riding out the bumps, remote control cars are taking it too the dirt too. James West is a remote control car racer. "It doesn't matter what size car you are racing, there's no ratio issues. The car is the car and it's kind of like real car racing only when you break it, it's about twenty dollars instead of twenty thousand."

So before you pick up that football and head outside, consider trying out one of these sports.

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