Tallahassee Titans Beat Baltimore Blackbirds 73-40

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TALLAHASSEE---The Tallahassee Titans tried some Monday night action, keeping football a year round activity in the region.

Big Ben had a fine day helping lead the Titans early and often in this one. The first touchdown was scored on a rare hand off to Tallahassee native fullback James Jackson. That was the only score int he opening quarter of action.

In the second quarter the Blackbirds continue to use long drives to hold down the clock and even put up some points as 6'5 240 pound QB Mike Jenkins rolled into the end zone, to cut the lead to 1.

It took just one play on the next drive for the Titans to respond, as Dougherty found the finger tips of Drew Johnson on a deep route to give the Titans a 14-6 lead.

The Titans built up a 47-20 lead after 3, and go on to win 73-40. They next battle in the playoffs.

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