Local Volleyball Prepares for Junior Olympics

The school year might be over, bu the games have just began. The North Florida Volleyball Academy has 2 teams with reservations for Minnesota in the Junior Olympic National Championships. A year after falling to Tampa, the 13 and under team proved that it's all about:
Rita Crockett says
"Heart. These kids are undersized when you look at the teams that they play against. They're undersized, but they're so good in their skills and in their heart."
Jordan Dick says
"Last year, we were a lot younger, and a lot smaller, and I guess this year we just took it to the next level, and we knew that we had to win and we made it our goal to get tot he Nationals this summer."
"These young volleyball players aren't just in the running for a National Championship, they are also in pursuit of a college career."
Crockett Says
"By the time they are juniors and seniors, they already have an idea of where they want to go to college and they are recruited to go and play to earn a scholarship, and to get their education paid for."
Paige Pridgeon
"It's a good feeling to know that the colleges are looking at you and your team when you're one of the best in the country because you're going to nationals so, it's an amazing feeling to know that you're getting recruited and you can actually go somewhere for volleyball."
For now, they're going to Minnesota with hopes of bringing home a national title.

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