She's Got Game: Alyce Williams

Walter Dix, Greg Bolden and Ricardo Chambers headline an FSU Track & Field team that are the reigning National Champs, and have definitely blown past the competition on their way to Nationals next month. But it's not all about the fellas...

"We have our own superstars too... We just don't get the limelight that much, but we take the limelight that we get and run with it."

The FSU Women's track team is also running their way to Nationals... One of their stars Alyce Williams will showcase her skills in several different events.

Alyce Williams
"Variety of events that I do, I do more than just the triple jump, I run and even jump on the relay team too... Just keeping myself in different events and have my hand in everything on the track and the field."

Oh... there's one more thing I forgot to mention... Alyce also has an identical twin sister named Alycia... Also on the track team... also with speed and talent. So this year as senior siblings, the goal is simple... Do well at all costs.

Alyce says
"I love Nationals, the energy from the crowd is great. I just am really tired of getting 7th place and barely making All-American... So this year I'm definitely gonna go all out and bring something better than 7th home."

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