FAMU Puts Coach Gillespie on Paid Administrative Leave

TALLAHASSEE----Today FAMU responds with vigor to Mike Gillespie's recent legal trouble releasing a statement that says "that the coach has been placed on paid administrative leave until such time that the pending criminal charges have been resolved."

This is all pretty standard so we should not be surprised by the stance. This gets more difficult for Coach Gillespie when you consider that he has one more year on his contract and to this point does not have an extension. Thereby, even if his legal troubles get cleared up, there is no guarantee that his contract will be extended.

This afternoon we caught up with FAMU Athletic Director Nelson Townsend for his thoughts on his basketball coach.

"Coach Gillespie has been placed on administrative leave with pay and this is pending the resolution of the current criminal charges that have been placed against him," said Townsend.

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