Local Pitchers Starting for the Noles

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TALLAHASSEE------ Plenty of reason to get excited for local folks this weekend. You got FAMU's hated rival B.C.C. in the opener, the Noles will host all games until Omaha, and then the opening two starting pitcher were raised minutes from Dick Howser Stadium.

"It's an indescribable experience to have the opportunity to pitch here at Florida State, in our hometown in a big game like this, this is as big as it gets for us at this point in our careers. We really look forward to doing it," says game one starter Michael Hyde.

"It's a good feeling being from Tallahassee and just playing here for Florida State, and not having to travel for the Regionals. We get to sleep in our own beds at night," adds Saturday's starter Bryan Henry.

Success is nothing new for the boys. As a Trojan Michael Hyde was just one of the strong arms for a powerhouse pitching staff.

As a member of the 2003 Trojans pitching rotation Hyde said, "I've never been on a team with this kind of a staff. We have a lot of kids who throw hard and throw strikes and there's nothing you can say about that. Everything's coming together good."

As for Henry, we'll never forget when the third baseman took care of the Gators in his first start on the hill.

Minutes after the win, Henry told us, "I'm just going out, trying to throw my game, try to throw strikes and get ahead of all the hitters, and let my defense work behind me."

Both local boys have come a long ways. We now want to see if the road goes to Omaha.

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