Miracle League Baseball Field

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When it comes to little league baseball, children with disabilities are often left to watch from the other side of the fence, but in Tallahassee they'll soon have a league of their own.

The Florida Disabled Outdoors Association is teaming up with the city and the Kiwanis Club to bring a Miracle League to the Big Bend.

"This is a chance for parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandmas, aunts, uncles to go do something with that child, to bond and to be involved with their experiences and their recreation and their lives, so it's a community activity," said FDOA President David Jones.

The city has stepped up to the plate by donating land and the county donated $75,000 to the project. Even little leaguers are pitching in.

"Myers Park would like to say that we want to challenge all the other parks to raise as much money and to help out the Miracle Field," said Zac Taylor, who helped raise $1,735.

Messer Park will be home to the Miracle League and since the park is already ADA accessible Miracle Leaguers will be hitting the field by spring 2008.

"We're going to have to change the field from dirt and grass to rubber that's a big project, but that's possible," said Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Tallahassee David Chapman.

That's making it possible for everyone to participate in America's favorite pastime. The rules for the Miracle League are a little different. Organizers say the inning is over only after every player scores so both teams always win.

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