Inside the Game - FSU Track Baton Handoff

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Ken Harnden said, "Today Ronald Wright and Tywayne Buchanan are going to demonstrate a 4 X 1 exchange."

"Everybody who runs the turn we like them to stay on the inside of the track so when they're on the inside we want them to have the stick in their right hand, the guy who runs the straightaway, we'll let them stay on the outside so they'll stay in the outside half of their lane and always have the stick in their left hand."

"We're looking for them to exchange the stick from the midway point to the end of the zone."

"The relay runners coming in, we want as good of gap between the runners as possible. We don't want them bunched up on each other we want that stick to move through the zone as quick as possible so I want Tywayne to move forward a little bit and now put his hand back and I want full extension from Ronald out there. Tywayne's put up a nice big target with his hand, he's got it up in the air so Ronald's coming in and he can see it and Tywayne's letting Ronald put the stick in as opposed to grabbing it, if he tries to grab it that's when we drop the stick."

"I always like to decide my relay order based on I find the guy who's going to lead off so hopefully my best starter and hopefully a guy who can run a turn really well. On our team we have Greg Bolden who's a great 60 guy, he was 4th in the nation in the 60 so obviously he's a great starter, and then you have Michael Ray Garvin who's a football player, nice low center of gravity, he runs a great turn, very good 200 meter runner."

"Certainly we've broken the school record twice already this year. Hopefully we can do it again next week and be national champs."

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