Little Giant Discovers Remote Control Car Racing

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Drivers start your engines. 12-year-old Andrew Whetstone gets his car prepped and ready to go. He specializes in racing electric remote control cars. "My dad got me into it with all his RC stuff. When I was little he would have RC cars around in a box and I would get them out and just start playing with them."

Tony Whetstone is Andrew's father. "When he decided to take interest in it I decided to jump on it so I could be a little closer to him and help him out."

Now Andrew is enjoying every moment on the track. "It's just fun. I've always been into racing things because I'm very competitive."

Another reason the seventh grader likes to race remote control cars is because it is different from other everyday sports. "You don't really have to run or kick anything. All you really have to do is use your hands."

As for Andrew's hopes for the future. "I kind of want to get into actual racing down a track because my dad races also."

For now Andrew will concentrate on trying to rule the course as he faces off against other drivers in the Tallahassee Radio Control Car Club.

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