It's All About the Speed

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Last season, Florida State Track and Field were the best, and heading into the NCAA Championships this week, that position hasn't changed and that's the way the Seminoles like it."

Michael Ray Garvin said, "Basically it's just pure speed and pure talent, that's how we are. Basically FSU recruits the best players and the elite become champions, so that' how it is here at FSU."

The goal is simple, how the Noles get there is not, FSU will attempt to win a championship without any field events relying heavily on their sprint events, a source for concern right? Not so much for this group.

Greg Bolden said, "We have a good mentality. It feels good. Walt broke the record in the 200, took 1-2-3 in the 100, 1-2-4 in the 200, took the east regional record so everything's got us hyped up."

It also doesn't hurt when you're anchored by that 200 meter record holder Walter Dix who has one more record he's looking to break this week.

Walter Dix said, "The 100 record, for our team to come out with a National Title, and for the 4 X 100 to be as successful as possible, so those are the goals that I set for the NCAA."

And if Dix's goals are met, Florida State will once again be National Champs.

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